Mystery of the Missing Female Detectives

A dead body found in an abandoned house, a missing child reappearing after 20 years, a murder on a train stuck in the snow. Mysteries, crimes and thrillers are my favourite books to seek out in bookshops. My shelves are slowly being overrun with these mystery novels. I have become addicted to clues and mysteries … Continued

Making It

There’s always been a romanticism attached to writing – the thought of sitting up endless nights, pounding away at the keyboard, telling a story only you can tell. Many inexperienced writers visualize themselves as the next Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, King, Picoult, or Rowling. But there’s something these writers – and others like them – have in … Continued

Issues in Writing: Part III

So here we are for our last blog on issues we commonly find in writing. This week, we’re going to look at some common structural issues – these can range from a single word to the way information as a whole is delivered. It should be noted that some of these might be considered subjective, … Continued

Get Reading

Busybird Publishing is always interested in trying to be socially conscious. Our anthologies were initially designed to give new and emerging writers exposure. Our books will usually give a portion of proceeds to a charity and/or foundation, and/or will help to raise awareness for a cause. We run workshops on photography, writing, and publishing, and … Continued

Three Simple Questions: Conclusion

Again, thanks to our authors for participating in our Three Simple Questions series! How did you go with their answers? Did you shake your head, find it impossible to empathise with any of them, and think you know better and can do it better? (This would be an unwise attitude given their experience, their accomplishments, … Continued

Three Simple Questions: Question 2

The ParticipantsKoraly Dimitriadis is the author of Love & Fuck Poems (Outside the Box Press), the play I say the wrongs things all the time, and the director and producer of Koraly: A Mockumentary. Tess Evans is the author of The Book of Lost Threads, The Memory Tree (Allen & Unwin), and Mercy Steet (HarperCollins). … Continued