Finding My Way

I have never been so naïve to believe that I can do anything that I want. In fact, I have never even believed that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Were either of these things true, I wouldn’t be half as stressed by schoolwork, wouldn’t cripplingly suffer from impostor’s syndrome any … Continued

Savage Ironies

Blaise was a big believer in book launches. She saw them as a celebration of all the hard work an author’s put into their book. At Blaise’s funeral, her mother, acclaimed author and artist Lin Van Hek, spoke about how she and Blaise had picked something out for Blaise to read at Lin’s funeral, assuming … Continued

Notes from an Intern

Before starting at Busybird I had a rather small view of the publishing world and what work really went into creating the amazing books that line my shelves. I thought all the hard work for books came from authors who had to write and create the novel, drawing readers in and building a story from … Continued

Publish for Profit

Wondering if your book is ready to publish? Search out Beta Readers before investing your time and money.

Mystery of the Missing Female Detectives

A dead body found in an abandoned house, a missing child reappearing after 20 years, a murder on a train stuck in the snow. Mysteries, crimes and thrillers are my favourite books to seek out in bookshops. My shelves are slowly being overrun with these mystery novels. I have become addicted to clues and mysteries … Continued

Hurdles, Hope and COVID Era Publishing

We had a place, a designated café that we always used for interviews. Decent coffee, if not overpriced, with a trendy postgrad hangout vibe. It was February 2020, and my third year as an editor for Antithesis, the postgraduate arts and humanities journal for the University of Melbourne. After working my way up, I had … Continued

The health benefits of writing

This week, I’ve had a few conversations about art and the value of it. For many people it feels indulgent to create art if there is no end goal (i.e. monetary payoff) and then there is the question of how to price something (in this case it was a comparison of three paintings worth thousands … Continued

5 Pitfalls to Writing Self-Help

Self-help books are big at the moment. Let’s face it, the world feels a little broken and everyone is looking for a quick fix. Most notable is the fact that we have everything and yet there are so many unhappy people who can’t understand where they went wrong. This means that there is a big … Continued