The Closet Editor

Once you finish writing your manuscript, what do you do next? Submit it somewhere Give it to friends to read Revise. If you answered number 1 or 2, you’re wrong. A first draft shouldn’t go anywhere. You might think it’s brilliant. It’s probably not. A first draft is a spill: ideas, prose, phrasing, idiosyncrasies, crap, … Continued

The Impossible Book

Someone once asked me what I would do if I knew I would not fail. I responded, without a shade of hesitation, that I would write a book. Have I? Nope. Do I want to? Most definitely. Will I? I don’t know. What if I fail? For years, the book I have had my heart … Continued

Design – No Time for Revision

We often encounter authors who want to revise their book after it’s been laid out. This is like deciding you need another bathroom, a study, and a second-storey, after the blueprints have been drawn and the house built. So why does this last-minute revision occur? Here are the main reasons: Somebody gets in the author’s … Continued

16 Week Write to Publish Program

You have a great book idea. You want it published. You want it published now! Like all great ideas, this can take time. Sometimes years. It’s not uncommon for someone to take five years to write a book, and it could take forever to get it published.

Let Us Help You

Often, this blog is dedicated to writing fiction. This week, we’re going to look at writing nonfiction – specifically, books that are designed to showcase the author’s expertise and knowledge in a specific industry. Inexperienced writers think it’s easy. It’s no different to writing an autobiography – after all, all the material is there. Just … Continued

The Magic 8

I’ve edited all sorts of books. And I’ve dealt with all sorts of authors. Like any good editor, I’ve had to adjust my approach depending on what and who I’m editing – that’s part of the skill-set: reading my author and finding the best way to connect with them, and working out the sort of … Continued

Busybird’s Unsung Heroes

We’re tiny here at Busybird! Just five us, all working varying schedules. Co-owners, husband and wife team Kev Howlett and Blaise van Hecke, might be called ‘over-timers’, instead of ‘full-timers’. They often work from Sunday to Saturday, and sometimes evenings. They’re constantly over-servicing to give our clients the best experience possible, be that self-publishing a … Continued