Of Mentoring and Packages

There are lots of people out there offering fast, nasty mentoring packages. They’re fast, because the mentor wants the quickest turnaround possible, which inflates their bank account. And they’re nasty because, often, the mentor knows very little about writing, or the publishing industry – if anything, they know just enough to bluff their expertise. Usually, … Continued


I take immense pride in writing as a craft, so it annoys me when people trivialise it, consider it a shtick, or don’t take it as seriously as they should. Let me break down some of the things I’ve heard, the outlook some employ, and how they should actually be looking at it …   … Continued

The Guide to Writing Coaching Books – Part 3 of 3

‘However’ is NOT the most commonly used word used in the English language Lots of authors – particularly writers in nonfiction – overuse ‘however’. There are two forms of abuse of the poor ‘however’. 1. When authors are trying to qualify a point … Establishing and operating a business from home is not a prospect … Continued

The Guide to Writing Coaching Books – Part 2 of 3

Avoid repetition Repetition might work for midnight infomercials, where the presenter is saying to you, ‘But, wait, there’s more!’ But TV is a visual medium where repetition works as an assault to gain attention. In reading you already have your audience’s attention. The reader would not have picked up your book unless they were interested … Continued

The Guide to Writing Coaching Books – Part 1 of 3

There is no formula for writing a book that works for everybody, although there are templates that tell you that a book should be X chapters, include a bonus chapter, contain these and those appendices, and each chapter should contain roughly 2,500 words, accumulating to a total of roughly forty to fifty thousand words. What … Continued

Take Some Pride in Your Work

I have a headache. A pain, like somebody thrust a spear through my right eye and forced it out the back of my head. This pain is not a migraine. It’s not a tumour. It has no medical-based cause. It comes from reading stuff sent out into the world before it’s ready. It’s tantamount to … Continued