How do you keep a healthy spirit?

What exactly is spirit? It is a seemingly abstract and often mind-boggling concept that gets lost in the many other day-to-day things we have to worry about such as caring for our body and, more increasingly, our mental health. But could these aspects of our life intertwine with our spirit?

Do you regard your spirit as something akin to your soul, to your outlook and passion in life? Or, do you see it more in the traditional sense of religious practice and prayer?

Healthy Spirit is the third instalment in the Health Conscious series, featuring articles from regular people, from a lawyer, to a psychic, to a publisher and almost everything else in between. The articles are written to be insightful, interesting and useful to you in their differing ideas about what spirit is and how to care for it.

With a Foreword written by Father Bob.

Other Books

Healthy Body (The Health Conscious Series)

Author : Various

Publication Date : 22 July 2017

Format : Paperback (210x135mm, 208 pages)

ISBN : Print: 978-1-925585-57-5 Ebook: 978-1-925585-58-2

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Healthy Mind (The Health Conscious Series)

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