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publishforprofitworkshopPublish for Profit is a networking group that meets at the Busybird Studio ~ Gallery. It’s a great chance to meet other writers, brainstorm, and learn something new.

Each session will also have a dedicated lesson that pertains to some facet of writing or publishing.

Coming up:

Be Seen! Market Your Book: Tuesday, 6th February, 7.00–9.00pm Book Here
TBA: Tuesday, 3rd April, 7.00–9.00pm
TBA: Tuesday, 5th June, 7.00–9.00pm
TBA: Tuesday, 7th August, 7.00–9.00pm
TBA: Tuesday, 2nd October ,7.00–9.00pm


The cost to attend is just $15.00 per session. You can book through Eventbrite or just show up and pay on the night.

The Publish for Profit FAQ
What is Publish for Profit?
This is a Meetup group where writers can come together with like-minded people and share tips on writing, publishing and promoting their books.

Why did Busybird start this group?
We started it because so many people ask us about promotion but we don’t have the resources to do it for them. So we thought this would be a great way to get people to help each other.

What happens at these sessions?
Participants can talk to each other about their projects and brainstorm ideas. We include a relevant topic each session too, so that participants go away with some real tools to help them. The sessions are only 90 minutes, so it isn’t a huge commitment of time. And, of course, there is always tea, coffee and cake.

What is the aim of these sessions in the long term?
Our hope is that writers can feel well equipped to market themselves and their books without stress and make it part of the whole book process. By forming habits around this, it becomes second nature and much less scary. Ultimately, we want to help people make money from their books. Books won’t get into readers’ hands if they’re in boxes in the garage.

What has been the response to the sessions?
We’re seeing people become more knowledgable about the whole process, which gives them confidence. There have been lots of aha moments in terms of what marketing a book means and why it’s so important.

When are the sessions held?
Publish for Profit runs every 1st Wednesday of the month, except January.

Check out Publish for Profit on Meetup right here!

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