Mystery of the Missing Female Detectives

A dead body found in an abandoned house, a missing child reappearing after 20 years, a murder on a train stuck in the snow. Mysteries, crimes and thrillers are my favourite books to seek out in bookshops. My shelves are slowly being overrun with these mystery novels. I have become addicted to clues and mysteries … Continued

Hurdles, Hope and COVID Era Publishing

We had a place, a designated café that we always used for interviews. Decent coffee, if not overpriced, with a trendy postgrad hangout vibe. It was February 2020, and my third year as an editor for Antithesis, the postgraduate arts and humanities journal for the University of Melbourne. After working my way up, I had … Continued

Creativity versus productivity

How are you? Climbing the walls? Languishing in the depths of a cosy couch with a book or Netflix? Writing your book with gusto? Feeling guilty because you have not written anything? Not. One. Single. Word? Here’s the thing. We are at this moment turned upside down and inside out. It is the perfect time … Continued

Writing in a time of unrest

This is not exactly the kind of editorial that I expected to write in 2020, or any time for that matter, but life has a way of throwing unexpected things at us. We have choices. We can react, throw our arms up in despair and moan about the harshness of life, be mean to each … Continued

Writing a Blurb

What makes a good blurb? When you pick up a book at a bookstore or library, or read a blurb somewhere online, what engages you? What convinces you to open the book and scan the first page, or to take the book home with you? The blurb is the equivalent of a movie trailer. Seen … Continued

What’s with the Hype Over Horror?

Not too long ago, one of my friends told me that she didn’t think horror was a necessary, or influential, literary genre. There’s too much blood, she said, too much gore, too many nasty details. My gaze drifted towards the pile of books that were stacked next to my bed. Among them were my two … Continued

So you want to write and publish a book?

Congratulations! There are three ways that you can go about writing and publishing a book: Just blunder forth. Unfortunately, it’s extremely likely – if not certain – you’ll run into problems you don’t know how to solve. If you try to muddle through them, you’re likelier to stumble into (or create) bigger problems. Employ a … Continued

Writing Self-Help – The Fundamentals

What does it take to write a self-help book? Lots of people blunder into it, thinking it’s just about getting everything out onto the page. Then that’s it. But this is tantamount to writing a novel without structure and direction. It’ll bore readers or be hard to follow. Readers will then disengage and put the … Continued