The Rise of Audiobooks

Is listening to a book the same as reading it? No, not quite. Does it mean it hasn’t really been ‘read’? No, I wouldn’t say that either. I am one of 55 million who reportedly consume at least one audiobook a year. In fact, I listened to six. It’s an industry that, like it’s podcasting … Continued

Why Join a Book Club?

Not quite the ceremonious circling of people, stereotypically women; tea in hand, books on lap, a patchwork of cardigans encircling their way around the coffee table in hues of reds and whites – although it certainly can be this, who’s to say otherwise – but a wonderful opportunity for different minds to connect together over … Continued

25 free or low cost book marketing ideas

It’s well known that word of mouth is the best way to sell books. In fact, it’s the best way to sell anything. To create word of mouth, you and your book need to be visible in as many areas as possible. Some do involve you being on camera but there are ways around that … Continued