Your Grandfather Married My Grandmother – A Shipley Family History

My story starts in the newly formed Kingdom of Great Britain in the early 1700’s with my 5 times Great Grandfather John Shipley. He was born in Epworth Lincolnshire a small rural village 143 miles north of London. In the late 1880’s our story moves to nearby Thorne a market town and thence to Doncaster the major town in the area. I was born in Doncaster in 1943. In 1951 my family migrated to Melbourne Australia where I spent my formative years.

The curiosity to find out about where we came from, I believe, exists for all of us. For the best part of my life I craved information about my ancestors. My parents did not talk to me about them, nor did I ask them. We were very private people. 

My ancestry journey officially started in 2007. By this time my parents were long deceased. With hindsight what I wouldn’t  have given to ask them questions.

Using internet search engines, I was able to construct an interesting and informative story. But like any good story there is always a twist. Something that I did not see coming. I found ancestors that I didn’t know existed who provided me with valuable information including a very special cousin, Dianne, who helped me open the doors to this new vision. She has also written her own special chapter in our story. 

Unfortunately, Dianne passed away before the publication of   this book. I know she would have enjoyed reading it.