Your Body is your Teacher

Drawn from the personal experiences and clinical cases of Naturopath Julie O’Connell Seamer,  Your Body is Your Teacher is a compilation of lightbulb moments.

While pregnant with their son, Julie lost her partner to suicide. This tragedy was the culmination of years of chronic health issues her partner suffered.

Julie’s understanding crystalised: illness is the body’s warning system, signalling imbalances which demand attention. Whether it’s the common cold, chronic discomfort from a lingering condition, or a fatal disease, these symptoms indicate changes in the body that are inextricably connected to spiritual and emotional health.

If you’re sick of being sick, reached a dead end in your healing, and want to move forward empowered by a holistic understanding of your experience, or simply wish to be best armed in maintaining optimal wellbeing, Your Body is Your Teacher is for you.