Wine by the Glass

Arresting openings, satisfying conclusions, excellent use of language ……. and a high
level of readability…..
Loved them all. Well-rounded and well-paced. Fantastic story ideas and with twists
too… Candice Lemon-Scott
Quirky, thought provoking, humorous and original.
Strong characterisation, sense of place and observational power… Fellowship of
Australian Writers
Intriguing stories and believable characters.
Vivid word pictures, with convincing metaphors, dialogue and scenes … Jean Brincat
Cultural, romantic and funny.
Thoughtful and family minded.
Alright I guess, but don’t forget to put the bin out…….. Elizabeth, John’s wife
Some say the short story form is in recent ascendency. Certainly it makes for
challenging and succinct writing with no room for waffle, like now.
This collection of somewhat semi-fictional tales or as the author John puts it in
automotive terms, frictional, somewhere between truth and fiction, attempts to put an
atmosphere of love and realism into contemporary settings.
An ideal book to take on your travels with varying story lengths and themes to suit
any length of trip and mood. This collection of shortlisted, commended and award
winning stories has been combined with the author’s latest favourites. Described
as an emerging author, John has borrowed some snippets of other people’s lives
and his own to create reading pleasure where smiling, cringing, tears and laughing
are all possibilities. Overt signs of sighing, snorting, seat thumping in public are not
obligatory so long as the book is held clearly in view. Promote local and Australian
authors, OK?
Enjoy Wine by the Glass story by story if you don’t trust yourself with the whole bottle,
sorry, book.