Win the Culture Deal

Are you serious about reducing cultural conflict in the workplace?
This must-read book is for the decision-makers, program managers, project
managers and businesses looking to maximise their results by leveraging the
cultural diversity of their staff, or by expanding into international markets.
Author and educator Marilyn McKinlay shares her wisdom and experiences to
help you navigate any cultural conflict in your workplace and develop teams
that thrive on uniqueness.
Gone are the invisible walls that separate us from other cultures, and their
values and beliefs. The commercial reality of doing business in the modern
world is that we need to have the ability to influence anyone, anywhere. In
this book you will discover:
• Key principles for connecting on a subconscious level with anyone to build
those essential relationships
• How to recognise when people aren’t connecting with your message;
the verbal and non-verbal signals to look and listen for to avoid cultural
• The true alignment between context and profit, because there’s more
than one way to do something and still get great results.
After reading this book, you’ll have the tools and strategies that you need to
immediately create an impact with people, regardless of their background.
Apply the AAA model to transform and broaden your thinking, boosting your
personal and professional growth potential.
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