From the author of Rose Garden Reverie comes a delightful tale about positive aging and connecting with the world around you.

When her inner-city terrace house is acquired to make way for a freeway extension, retired stenographer Gillian Rule must make a choice. Will she downsize and move to the local retirement village, or will she follow a lifelong dream and upsize her life?

Despite opposition from friends and neighbours, Gillian packs up her belongings and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, moving to a country cottage with a large garden that desperately needs attention.

Gillian soon finds that opening yourself up to possibilities also exposes you to unexpected difficulties, but with new friends and surprising opportunities, she begins to navigate her way through. Gillian embraces her new situation with relish, and her enthusiasm and passion for life has a ripple effect throughout the town, healing old wounds and forging new friendships.

Upsizing is an example of how new beginnings can come at any age. Gillian gives us hope that it is never too late to make a fresh start and follow your dreams.