At a time when technology overrides how we interact with others, Two Ears, One Mouth, and a Big Heart takes us back to basics. Kerryn Powell reminds us of the power of real-time relationships and face-to-face conversations for creating success and fulfilment.

She pulls back the covers on her own journey and desire to be a catalyst for change by connecting people and amplifying their impact on others. Demonstrating her message of ‘giving to gain’, Kerryn shares powerful stories of many local heroes who have been inspired to make a change. 

Divided into three sections – Learn, Grow, Achieve – and covering themes such as Clarity, Focus and Courage, you are invited to learn from the experience of others and then reflect on your own values and viewpoints. 

With over 30 years of working as an agent and catalyst for change, Kerryn reminds us that we have two ears for listening, one mouth for sharing and a big heart for engaging with others. When we remember this, we are open to endless possibilities: following our own purpose and dreams as well as the opportunity to help others with theirs.

Starting a ripple effect begins now. Don’t wait for a better time

because your time matters.