Travelling with Cardboard Paul

This story is a journey of love, laughter, tears and friendship whilst keeping promises and moving forward.

In May 2016, Paul was deteriorating, the melanoma cancer had taken over his body and conversations of the future were discussed. Paul had asked Michelle what she would do when he was gone and Michelle promised Paul that she would travel to all their favourite destinations as they had planned.

Michelle explained to Paul that she would get a life-size cardboard cut-out, pack him in her suitcase and take him out and take photos together at all the famous landmarks.

Paul laughed and said, ‘You’re not really going to do that, are you?’

Michelle said, ‘Yes, I promise I will.’

This promise became a reality when in May 2017, twelve months after Paul’s death, Michelle booked a nine-week tour around the USA and Europe from August to October 2017. She originally booked tickets to see Paul McCartney in New York and it snowballed from there.

On her journey she met many people curious about the cardboard cut-out; touching complete strangers with her story and along the way discovering her true self, changing her life forever.

Join Michelle on her journey carrying a 5 feet 9 inches cardboard cut-out of her beloved late husband, Paul, travelling through USA and Europe, visiting famous landmarks, creating memories and discovering herself whilst meeting some amazing people.