Trapped in your body

Are you tired of trying to juggle life and trying to work out how to be the best you? 

Tired of seeing your children struggle, and not know how to help?

You’re not alone! 

It’s time to stop feeling helpless and as if you’re trapped in your body.

In our fast-paced society, our stressful lives bring down our mental well-being, which causes us to suffer physically. Our eating and lifestyle habits – such as skipped meals and poor food choices – result in fatigue, health challenges and weight concerns, and negatively influence future generations.

And while we continue to drain our energy, hold onto past life events, and not deal with emotions constructively, our world grows sicker.

Scientific evidence shows poor gut health is a primary cause of disease and mental illness. It’s time to bridge the gap and wake up our world to wellness with the wisdom of a Certified Nutritional Psychology Coach.

Join Kimberley Maxey as she opens your eyes to who we are as emotional beings and offers insight into how we can make a change to better health through the concept of Eating Psychology and the dynamics of Mind/Body Nutrition. 

A must read, Trapped in Your Body: Waking Up Our World to Wellness, will enable you to change your health and lifestyle so that you can be part of the solution in fixing the chain so we don’t pass our destructive ways on to our children.