The WoBBLY Kids

The Wobbly Kids is a book designed to assist schools and teachers to better understand the group of students who don’t thrive in a mainstream education system. Surprisingly, the number of students not currently well served is as high as 22%.

As a national and international presenter, running workshops for teachers, Jenny Tebbutt often gets asked three key questions. How do I identify children who have specific learning differences and difficulties, and identify them early? What needs do they have, that are different from other children? And how do I differentiate my teaching to raise the achievement of all my students?

The Wobbly Kids is designed to offer strategies, resources, and insight. It allows teachers to walk in the shoes of children with learning differences, and not only see the difficulties they face on a daily basis, but to address these challenges and make positive change in their educational outcomes.

The Wobbly Kids takes the reader on a step-by-step journey, providing a tangible pathway for teachers to develop their skill set for meeting the needs of at-risk student individuals and groups to ride the wave of education.