The Seeker and the Master

The Family was a cult formed by the notorious Anne

Teaching a mix of Christianity, Hinduism and precepts from Western and Eastern religions, Hamilton-Byrne claimed she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, attracting numerous adults who were searching for greater meaning in life. Later, she adopted babies into her Group, some of which she claimed as her own.

One of her devotees was Eileen Poldermans whose early religious training and experiences paved the way for her entry into Th e Family where she was brainwashed into a role of serving a God based on fear. Hamilton-Byrne used mind control to disempower Eileen’s identity, which led to a cutting of support from friends and family and the breakdown of her marriage.
Eileen would take a journey of heartache and disillusionment before ultimately finding redemption through the power of love and forgiveness.