The Road to Tralfamadore

In the 1970s, a combination of business executives tired and frustrated with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, along with artists comprising writers, singers, and painters, had the idea for a commune out in the bushland between the Victoria and News South Wales border.

The commune was named Tralfamadore, drawn from the inspiration of the classic Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse Five.

Gone were rules and conventional living. Food was grown, beer was drunk, weed was smoked. Spiritual gurus, such as [I forgot his name] were considered the template to a new life. It was freedom and abandon and anarchy all rolled into a single rural package.

And a helluva place for a kid to grow up.

Blaise van Hecke recounts her unconventional upbringing on Tralfamadore, knowing little of contemporary civilisation and society, and instead allowed to run free, where she encountered some wild and eccentric characters, such as [INSERT THREE NAMES], amongst others – people who would shape her life, infuse her with a love of storytelling, and an intimate association with nature.

The Road to Tralfamadore is a stunning memoir of patchwork memories interwoven with a beauty and lyricism that is sure to move you, and introduce you to a world totally unalike any that you know.