The River of Life: Find Your Flow After a Life Crisis

Are you tired of being anxious, stressed out and stuck in a rut?

You may no longer find your life full of happiness, peace or satisfaction in your work or personal relationships.

Now, Christine Convery, a qualified and experienced meditation teacher and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner shows you how to discover a profound ‘stillness’ within that will enable you to transform your life and bring you healing.

The River of Life details a simple and friendly blueprint that will help you identify the issues in your life and provide solutions to address them and enable you to discover your authentic self. Within these pages, you’ll discover how to reliably improve your experiences with meditation. You’ll find the tools, techniques and practices to grasp how to be in the easy flow of life, plus helpful secrets to boost healing.

The River of Life is your one-stop guide to:

  • Simple and effective meditation practices that will free you from stress, fear, anxiety, resentment, pain, and unhappiness
  • Focus your powerful, passive and aware mind to take control of your emotions, thoughts, body and health
  • Move from mindfulness meditation into insight meditation
  • Achieve lasting happiness by following Christine’s Ultimate Happiness Formula

Christine’s hope is to guide meditators so they can achieve their goals, reap a fulfilling work-life balance, be happy and show how they can go from being ‘stuck’ to being in the flow of life.