The Power of Interactive Care

Are you frustrated with the standard of care that people with disability often endure? Are you concerned about the way your family member is being supported, and you want to make their lives better?

In The Power of Interactive Care, Julienne outlines 8 themes which define what Interactive Care is, and the training available to become certified in it. She also ‘gets real’ about the life of support workers and how to balance our demands with their needs.

Experiential expert and leadership trainer Julienne Verhagen has worked as a disability support worker – and is sibling to a brother, Scott, who lives in a group home, which gives her a unique perspective on how to raise the living standards of people with limited mobility and limited or no speech. Each chapter also includes insight from Scott, who has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, is blind and doesn’t speak.

If you want to help give your person with disability a better life, The Power of Interactive Care is your guide to doing exactly that: a vital handbook for all family carers, disability support workers and self-advocates.