The Only Game in Town

This is the story of the development of remote-controlled railroad distributed motive power. It chronicles the history of LOCOTROL, the progenitor of what is now a more wide-spread technology, and arguably the single greatest technological advance for railroading since the introduction of both the automatic coupler and the air brake triple valve.

With 295 pages and 260 illustrations, this book is a well-researched work containing extensive information about the subject area, and comprising unabridged facts and history not previously collated with this degree of scope.

With a Foreword by an eminent Australian railway consultant, John Hearsch—whose expertise in railway executive management endorses and validates this inclusive work—this book contains authoritative complementary footnotes, a supportive List of Illustrations, and a comprehensive Index and Glossary. The author has spent several decades researching, collecting images, and creating and interpreting instructive and explanatory diagrams. 

The Only Game In Town is the only known detailed history of these developments, is a remarkable contribution to such literature, and is offered to thoughtful followers of global railway operations – especially those with a desire for detail. It is recommended reading for both enthusiastic international railroaders and railroad enthusiasts.