The late Bloomer and her two polar bears

‘This book is a work of my memories, made up of true stories © All I hope is that © people may start to see into the life of someone they never understood.’

Jacqueline was a young child the first time she experienced abuse from those meant to protect her. As her life progressed, and the state of her mental health created more questions than answers, Jacqueline found herself facing adversity, time and time again. Through family violence, abuse and undiagnosed bipolar disorder, Jacqueline tried hard to stay afloat. But as she grew in age and experience, so started a mission to confront her past, find healing in the present and change her future.

Detailing her story in honest and forthright style, Jacqueline takes the reader through the highs and lows of her life, not only in words but also through her artwork. Sharp, witty and surprising, The Late Bloomer and Her Two Polar Bears will leave readers uplifted and prepared to face the world with new eyes, understanding and love.