The Last Tusinnia

The Watcher is waiting …

It’s the day before Christmas, and Tilda and Coz sneak under the tree to meditate on what gifts they’ve received, only to slip through an enchanted circle into the Realm of Possibilities, a world within worlds where they embark on a spectacular journey full of magic, fairies and wondrous ideas.

But the Realm is dying, colours fading, fairies ailing. 

In Tilda, The Watcher recognises the magic to restore the Realm to its former glory, and Tilda wants to stay in the Realm with its amazing floating forests, giant goldfish, sudden transformations and dream-obsessed locals. It’s a world of fantasies, thoughts and adventures that would seem perfect for a child. Coz is not convinced, though, and only wants to find a way home.

But how do you get back home when no one wants you to leave? 

Tilda & Coz: The Last Tusinnia is a fast-paced, adventure fantasy, punctuated occasionally by hard-hitting comments from a former president of the Sceptics Society (sorry about that!). It’s a story that’s sure to delight children and parents alike.