The Innovation Opportunity- Book 2

Do you want more from business and life than mere survival?

Does it seem you’re always struggling for survival while dealing with relentless change, increased costs and growing competition?

If you’re like most business owners and you’re constantly thinking about your business, worried because you have everything on the line. But you value what you do and are in it for the long haul; you want to move in the right direction and ensure long-term success.

In Practical Innovation, Grant Ferry assists business owners in navigating the dynamic business environment, taking charge of their destiny and realising their dreams through the power of practical innovation. You must learn how to manage creativity and marshal the resources needed to sustain ongoing value and long-term success.

You will learn how to lay the foundations for effective innovation and how to develop it into a core business competency. Through the application of powerful processes, you can achieve the freedom, security and wealth you seek!

Practical Innovation is your complete self-help guide for building effective innovation into the fabric of your business and getting what you want from life!