The History of St Margaret’s Church Eltham

From about the turn of the century until the end of WW2 the Church of England in Eltham, along with the wider society, was transformed. The wider society was transformed under the impact of a crippling economic depression and two devastating world wars.  The emergence of the welfare state and greater equalitarianism were two major transformative events.  The church too was impacted by these world events especially WW1.During this period the Eltham church was transformed from a somewhat reformed worship and theological view to one which was increasingly catholic. It is also a period where Saint Margaret’s was constrained in its ministry and mission by a lack of resources. However it was well served by a number of exemplary vicars and laypersons. This story is related in Volume 2. It is a mixture of success and disappointment. It is also a story of perseverance and faithfulness to the Gospel. However, by the mid-1940s Saint Margaret’s had become a small and lifeless parish. Its future was not assured. Volume 2 also relates a  summary history of other faith communities which have a shared history with Saint Margaret’s. These include the Church of The Transfiguration Research, Saint Matthew’s Panton Hill and Saint Faith’s Montmorency.