The Gifted

Elly must never stop running. Never for one minute let her guard down. Any slip and she would be captured, sent back to the top-secret government facility tucked away in the Nevada Desert. She would never escape a second time. Elly is too precious to the US Military.  Designed from the embryo, her mental powers allow her to see into the minds of terrorist and criminals. With her, the government has the power to shut down crime. But Elly isn’t treated like a                  superhero — rather a prisoner. 

Now she must never let anyone in, always on guard, always hiding her powers. That is until she meets Jessy— a gorgeous man who seems to disarm her with a smile, who seems persistent in getting her attention. As Elly grows to love Jessy, she starts to believe maybe this time she can let her guard down. 

The Veritas team sent to catch her is closing in fast, spearheaded by her very own father the scientist behind her power. Elly must make a choice. Will she trust Jessy? And will she be able to escape before her twentieth birthday and the next evolution of her powers?