The Gift: A Voice from the Shadows

From a mud hut in Tanzania to Gala movie premiers with royalty. Non-verbal and deeply dyslexic, dumped underage into a boarding school in Tasmania, lost and alone to becoming the senior matriarch of an extended high achieving family, this is the remarkable story of Meredith (“Merrie”) Gresham.

Overshadowed by her talented and sought-after husband (C.S. Lewis’ stepson Douglas Gresham), and constantly challenged by her circumstances yet in the end, wonderfully fulfilled. Merrie’s life runs from a girl’s darkest nightmares to a woman’s greatest joys, and provides a unique insight into the generational continuation of the C.S. Lewis legacy.

From heavily disgusted with religion to running a well-known Christian psychotherapy mission and enthusiastic evangelist. From insecurity and fear to strength and courage, here is the life-long journey of physical, emotional and spiritual hardship that gradually turned to triumph, gratitude and fulfilment.