The Energy Solution

Teressa came highly recommended, and I certainly arrived at her clinic in a bit of a mess. I was years into a chronic fatigue diagnosis, had nursed a lifetime of gut sensitivities and was in a horrible pattern of picking up every virus going around. I was struck by a number of things at my first appointment – Teressa’s calm approach, intuition and systematic way of dealing with my abundance of issues … Life changing is an understatement – I now have consistent energy, immunity and understand how to care for my gut.

– Tina T

Are you feeling Frazzled and Fatigued? Do you find yourself constantly doing never-ending tasks and feeling overwhelmed? Do you fall into bed at night exhausted but can’t switch off? Are you wanting to regain your Energy and Vitality? Being a mum doesn’t have to be hard work at the expense of your own energy.

The constant pressures of being a mum can take its toll. There are many roles to do each day – work, children’s activities, meal preparation, family relationships, financial demands, household chores. These constant activities and the pressure we put on ourselves to do it all place large demands on our health.

With 20 years of clinical experience as a naturopath, biochemist and microbiologist, Teressa Todd has helped thousands of overworked mums restore their vitality and energy. And now, she is giving you the keys to the energy solution.

In this book you will learn:

  • how your digestion, liver, thyroid and adrenals impact your energy production,
  • about the delicate balance of your hormones,
  • what stealth infections are and their impact on your fatigue,
  • about the impact of stress on your body and how to tackle it,
  • strategies to help you through each and every day with ease.

This book is your step-by-step guide to solving your frazzled feelings, stress, burnout and fatigue so that you can feel full of life and fabulous again.