The CEO secret advantage

What will the Australian Financial Services Industry look like in three years?

What role will individual leaders play in affecting industry-wide cultural change?

Will your organisation set the pace? Or chase the pace of change?

For many leaders in the Australian Financial market, the next few years will feel like entering into the unknown. The responses that will emerge across the sector following the Royal Commission are yet to be seen in full. How staff respond to the changing environment will need to be carefully managed, and can be the difference between staying ahead or being left behind.

The CEO Secret Advantage delivers senior leaders with a real-time way of assessing and responding to the needs of their organisation as it transforms. The Transformation3 methodology provides new perspectives and practical activities to successfully lead an organisation through a significant transformation. 

Through the Transformation3 methodology, Dr Miranda Jensen has successfully led a number of organisational transformations – including Financial Services organisations – and is committed to developing the Transformation3 capability in others.

Through The CEO Secret Advantage, you will benefit from the 8 re-set strategies provided to assist in your strategic thinking, and by exploring new ways of thinking about and managing change. These strategies will enable you to hold your organisation in a continued state of transformational change, to keep pace, and ensure the future growth and sustainability of your organisation.