The Burnstones Game

Jackson and Tess are trapped in a dangerous game. The only way out is to navigate through the game levels.

Escape from these foreign lands is dependent on them conquering their fears.

Can they use human knowledge and develop game skills to battle unnatural predators in their desperate search for the Burnstones? 

Can they find a way to restore the balance of nature? This is crucial to their survival.

Help will be offered from inside and outside the game, but how can the siblings be sure who is a friend and who is an enemy? Searching for the Last Door will test Jackson and Tess in ways they never thought possible – but there is no choice.  

The Burnstones Game – In Search of the Last Door is appropriate for young adolescents and is reminiscent of Jumanji and the Deltora Quest series. An imaginative and engaging story, this book addresses important environmental issues and is led by characters that will resonate with young audiences.