The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust

“In The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust, David highlights that building trust is a prerequisite for true success in both our professional and personal lives. That’s a pretty good reason to read this book.”

David Stock

Head of Learning, Wolters Kluwer


Most people realise the importance of trust in their personal and professional life. In today’s highly competitive and disruptive business environment, the evidence clearly points to how trust (or lack of it) impacts almost every measure of organisational success.

Put simply, you can’t take trust for granted. In business, trust matters and customers want and need to buy from people that they can trust will help them make wise buying decisions – whether they’re buying a product, service or professional advice.

If you’re an organisational leader, or communicating with clients in sales or customer service, The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust will help you gain the skills and confidence to:

  • articulate your value in ways to differentiate from your competitors
  • fast-track the trust building process to earn new, repeat and referral business
  • increase your sense of pride and engagement in helping your customers achieve their goals, solve their problems and make their lives better in some way
  • gain more clarity on how demonstrating your trustworthiness will help you find, win and keep customers, and
  • achieve the success you seek in your business goals



“If you want to get ahead of your competitors and build better relationships with your potential and existing customers, this is a must-read book.”

Craig Stamp 

Executive General Manager, Device Technologies