The 100K Property Plan

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN GETTING YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR TO THE PROPERTY MARKET? Perhaps you’ve taken a few years away from investing, and want to get back into the market. Andrew Crossley has worked in the Finance and Property industry for over

twenty-two years, in a career that has included working for the largest non-bank in Australia and working overseas in private wealth management. He is the #1 bestselling and award-winning author of three books. In The 100k Property Plan, the fourth instalment in the Made Simple series, Andrew will equip you with the knowledge to understand the importance of having a tailored plan when investing in property. It will cover the steps involved in putting together a tailored plan, highlight risks that can be avoided, and demonstrate how it is achievable to build a property portfolio that can deliver $100,000 in income each year. If you want to know how to reduce risk, improve potential, save money, and avoid stress, The 100k Property Plan is the property guide for you.