Teen Time

There are many challenges in the teenage years. Young people often feel pressure to achieve at school. They struggle to negotiate social intricacies. They battle to understand and deal with their own internal emotional world. And, on top of all this, they ponder how they will carve out their future.

Covering a wide range of issues presented frequently in counselling sessions by 13-17 year olds, Teen Time invites teenagers to make time for self-reflection, and to consider alternative possibilities, rather than acting on impulse. It encourages them to choose how they want to be in every area of their life.

Helen Middleton, a psychologist in private practice, draws on her extensive experience in working with young people as a teacher, secondary school Guidance Officer, and gestalt and family therapist. She addresses the hopes and concerns commonly expressed by teenagers. This user-friendly guide is judgement-free, practical, and relatable.

Because it details the many issues confronting teenagers, Teen Time is also a valuable resource for parents, teachers, beginning counsellors, social workers, and youth workers.