Survival Parenting

Are you struggling with your children’s negative behaviours? Unsure of how to make the changes your family needs to create a respectful, happy home environment?
Sarah Benaud’s experience in correcting behavioural issues in children and adults has taken her to schools, training facilities, and homes both in Australia, and internationally. Armed with customised resources, tested strategies, and real-life examples, Sarah’s simple and achievable method to correct child behaviour through a whole family approach has been met with success across the globe.
By shifting the focus to values, structure, routine, explicit instruction, and positive praise, Sarah’s powerful approach helps both children and parents make the changes they need to create a peaceful, loving, and safe family environment.
Survival Parenting provides the steps to achieve behavioural changes for all family types; two-parents, sole parents, and working parents. Most of all, Survival Parenting helps parents to harness the power they never knew they had and to create a loving, nurturing environment.
Discover the secrets of successful parenting and harness your potential to create a positive and happy home.

Sarah Benaud has established a repertoire of skills and a reputation for working with children and teachers in changing childhood behaviours in the classroom and home. She is an experienced teacher who has taught throughout Queensland, including remote communities in Cape York, and with a diverse range of students.
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