Soulful Living

We all have a Soul that is leading us to our destiny.

Most of us have a deep feeling that we were meant for more, but something seems to get in our way.

Having spent ten years as a relationships and addiction counselor with organisations such as Relationships Australia, Annie Dimitriadis seamlessly combines her specialised training with her deep understanding of the Soul, a result of her own experience with overcoming addiction. Throughout Soulful Living, AnnieD (as she is professionally known) will take you on a journey to discover what the Soul is, why we need Soul in our life, and how it shows up.

We are all unique and our journeys and experiences are all very different. In Soulful Living you will learn that the one thing we all have in common is that we need our Soul to grow, evolve, and transcend.

The question isn’t if there is a Soul; the question is whether you are ready to listen to your Soul.