Shut Up and Write Your First Book

There are two types of First-Time Author wannabe’s….

Type 1: Has a little voice in their head that for the past 5-10 years has been saying: you are not good enough, who will ever want to read your book, what if you get criticised, other people have written on this topic before, what if you get stuck with a garage full of books, you need to learn more, know more and be more before you do it… What will others think of me? This is unfortunately 80% of first time authors.

Type 2: Has the confidence but doesn’t know where to start, has too much content to share, can’t be bothered working all this out themselves, is looking for a quick shortcut to save time and money, knows the value of a book and just wants to get it done – Yesterday! These people are 20% of first time authors.

In this book Natasa Denman unlocks the answers to all of the above and more. She covers the 48 Reasons that are standing in your way to help you Get Over Yourself and finally write that first book… Read it and get on with it!

“It’s not about writing your first book, it’s about the person your become at the other end of it”
Natasa Denman