Self-Compassionate Motherhood

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by motherhood?

Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster?

Would you like to find ways to bring the joy back into motherhood?

After years of counselling mothers and a recent research project, Cindy Cranswick has written Self-Compassionate Motherhood to expose and normalise the challenges experienced by today’s mothers.

Becoming a mother is an emotional and psychological rollercoaster that can be very overwhelming. Unfortunately, in today’s society, more and more mothers are experiencing emotional stress, anxiety and depression during the perinatal period. Cindy has written Self-Compassionate Motherhood in the hope of reducing the prevalence of emotional suffering and to help mothers make the most of their own unique experience.

By demonstrating the importance of self-compassion, Self-Compassionate Motherhood helps teach the skills needed to make motherhood a more meaningful experience. It provides solutions to reduce emotional stress and simple steps to help mothers find the joy in motherhood.