Same Same but Different : A Soul Approach to Mental Health

Have you ever wondered whether there is more to mental illness than what the medical establishment offers?

Have you ever wondered whether those voices could be real?

Have you had strange phenomena happen to you that made you wonder if you were crazy?

If you are here, chances are you or someone close to you has been touched by mental health issues, whether you’ve been diagnosed or have had times of great darkness and despair. Maybe you want to live a life of purpose and freedom and just can’t get there. Perhaps you’ve felt crazy because you’ve had unusual experiences in your life – apparently unexplainable ones. Perhaps you have gut feelings, strange occurrences and a pull to learn more about spiritual and esoteric subjects without knowing why. Perhaps you want to learn how to raise and use your intuition, or what your purpose is here on this planet!

We live in exciting times, as the world is experiencing a global shift. Spiritual awakenings and psychic phenomena are becoming increasingly common. The next step in our spiritual evolution is to understand the nature of the soul.

The 12 keys in this book offer a way out of the mainstream medical views to a soul approach, including a shamanic perspective. Filled with stories and teachings from other worlds, and describing the ascension process that affects us all, each chapter is designed to unlock unconscious keys within the heart to allow for a mind expansion and a deeper understanding of the soul aspects of your being. After more than 10 years of research and experience, Marie brings a light-hearted, down-to-earth and humorous multi-dimensional framework to how we view sanity.

Marie Antoinette was born in Australia to Lebanese and Egyptian parents. She has a background in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Family Constellations and has worked with young people in the areas of addiction, mental health, complex trauma and disability. She has also taught at a tertiary level in the fields of community services, mental health and counselling.

Marie’s passion is walking two worlds and helping people to find and live their soul purpose. She is a gifted psychic medium and channeler, and is also a Theta Healing and Crystal Dreaming practitioner. Her various programs and workshops help people to heal on a soul level and raise their own intuitive abilities.

Marie is also a talented speaker and comedian, and incorporates humour into everything she does, with the belief that laughter is the language of the soul and is indeed the best medicine.