Ready, aim, fire

‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ is the book that has been written especially for you.
No one understands country businesses like someone who has lived and
breathed the country air for as many years as Penny Paxman has.
Penny knows that marketing in the country and marketing in the city are very
different and has spent years researching, developing and testing marketing
techniques which have seen country businesses flourish by appealing to the
needs and wants of the communities and visitors alike.
In this must read book, Penny brings her years of experience, empathy,
creativity and determination to bring you all she has learned over years of
coaching businesses like yours.
Now she has put it into simple, easy to action steps that will take your
business as far as you want to go and well beyond your current position.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started your business or been in business for a
few years now. At some point, the locals will not bring you enough income
to justify the amount of effort you put in or even continuing to open your
You must reach potential customers in surrounding
towns, cities, states and even overseas to thrive.
Start now. ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ will step you through
everything you need to know with minimal
cost, tips and strategies to ensure your country
businesses success.
Get ready (READY), find your ideal customer
(AIM) and focus on getting those customers (FIRE).