Pizza Ovens made easy

Do you love the thought of cooking your own pizzas in your handmade outdoor oven? Have you ever considered building a pizza oven but been unsure of where to start? Are you hesitant to commit to laying your first brick? Industry veteran Lynne Sheffield’s Pizza Ovens Made Easy provides you with all information you need to build the oven you’ve always wanted!

Thanks to almost thirty years’ experience in bricklaying and bricklayer’s labouring and an extensive history in teaching, Sheffield is able to simply and clearly outline the approach to building your own woodfired pizza oven. Pizza Ovens Made Easy breaks down each step, taking you through the entire process – from the initial design to the finishing touches – and offering you the essential tips and tricks along the way so that you can finish on time and on budget.

Illustrated with over 200 photos, Pizza Ovens Made Easy promises an easy-to-follow guide for even the most inexperienced reader. So, what are you waiting for? Pick it up and start laying today!