New Graduate’s Guide to Physiotherapy

Are you feeling excited about your career, yet uncertain about which pathway to take?

Do you feel prepared for professional practice in the real world?

New Graduate’s Guide to Physiotherapy will teach you how to choose that first important role and negotiate a contract, understand medico-legal requirements, build positive relationships with clients and colleagues, find the right mentor, and work through personal and professional challenges as they arise.

This book contains practical tools to implement immediately if you are feeling stressed or burnt out, and tips for everyday self-care to help you grow in self-awareness and build resilience over time. Consider the words within to be the gentle reassurance of a mentor, friend and companion for your first few years of clinical practice.

Elizabeth has combined her wealth of experience with practical and well-researched advice for any new graduate looking to establish a sustainable physiotherapy career. Her clear passion for patient-centred, holistic healthcare shines through in this insightful and encouraging guide. It deserves a place on every student’s bookshelf.

J.H., recent graduate

Elizabeth Santos is a physiotherapist and naturopath practising in Adelaide, South Australia. She has a special clinical interest in maternity healthcare. She also runs workshops for helpers, health professionals and carers who wish to prevent burnout, build resilience and truly thrive in the roles they have chosen.

When we take good care of ourselves, we can be of greatest service to others.

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