MidLife Mojo

You know – the weight that you worked so hard to shake during your thirties and forties?

Things seem to be getting harder, and the things you tried in the past just don’t work.

You don’t need to dread the MidLife years – indeed, they can be approached with renewed vigour and zest. With some clear direction and education on all aspects of lifestyle, this time of life need not be feared.

In this book, Wendy Trevarthen shares her insights to easy, no fad, cost efficient ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle that is full of variety. Offering practical, down-to-earth strategies that involve the whole family, this book will help you happily maintain your healthy weight and approach the years ahead full of optimism.

With an extensive career in the professional health and wellness industry in private, public and community settings, Wendy has the knowledge and personal experience to inform and educate you to make what seems like a daunting task so much easier.

Change your direction, make healthy decisions and ‘cut out the crap’ to enjoy your unique MidLife Years!