Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy

In our modern society, we have all that we want and need, yet still we are left with the feeling that ‘there has to be more’.

We’ve been taught to go to school and get good grades with the implied promise that we will get a good job, but when all the external trappings of modern life are leaving us with a void, it’s time to look within.

This book is about embracing the new economy and merging love and money. It’s about self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, and tapping into your sovereignty to become that master of your own destiny.

In Love & Money: embracing the new economy, you will discover how to release your emotional baggage, find you voice, reclaim your unique value and bloom with confidence.

You will be introduced to the new financial system of cryptocurrency and you will learn how blockchain technology is disrupting traditional money systems, offering transparency, security and freedom.

In this book you will find tools, techniques and strategies to begin your journey of merging love and money.

It’s time to take your place in the transfer of wealth.