Living with the other side

We all have untapped potentials and psychic abilities. With a deep exploration of our minds, it is possible to unlock these potentials. 

In understanding our egos, our ‘I, Me and My’ levels of consciousness, time can expand and the world of opposites becomes less daunting.

Noel Harding may have started life as a regular working-class boy, but has spent years studying, exploring his own unconscious mind and his part in the universe. He has also applied what he has experienced in owning and operating many retail businesses with his wife, in addition to his studies in Social Welfare work and Professional Writing.

In Living with the Other Side, Noel shares some of his own personal experiences, as well as guiding the reader to think constructively about their own life, in order to demonstrate how to access one’s most inner self in relation to the world around us and possibly beyond.

Also included are some exercises that can be done to provide questioning and exploration of one’s self.

When we begin to calm the turbulence of the mind, our real self shines through.

Through our lives we care, we aspire, we love, we pain, we accept and we grow. The true and real we seek; the best is always within and known. 

Living with the Other Side is for anyone interested in understanding and unlocking the power of their own mind.