Juggling Health and Wealth

Have you always wanted to be healthy and wealthy, but didn’t know how to start or have both? Are you successful but too busy to enjoy life? Or perhaps you feel an imbalance in your life, or tired, isolated, and even burned out?
Life coach, entrepreneur and team leader Kitty Cheng believes these can all change – if you’re ready and willing to find out how to juggle your health and wealth.
In Juggling Health and Wealth, Kitty explores the five dimensions of health and the five pillars of wealth, which all will help you keep all the balls in the air successfully, whether you are a busy entrepreneur, stay-at-home husband or wife, or a professional working in the corporate world.
Read the solutions, strategies and secrets you need to follow, and apply them to your life priorities. You will find the tools, techniques and resources to live an abundant, active, fulfilled, happy and connected life here in the pages of Juggling Health and Wealth.
Unlock Your Wealth
Nurture Your Health
Find Your Flow