It’s in our blood

Maurie Considine started Secon Carriers in 1969 on a handshake deal with Jim Seide. With an intention to secure a future for his young family, Maurie never dreamt at the time that it would turn into a multi-million-dollar business that now supports many families.

In It’s In Our Blood, Maurie recounts the ups and downs, hard work and determination that has seen Secon continue to steadily grow. 

The past fifty years have seen massive changes, from using fax machines, handwritten paperwork, tray trucks and hand packs/unpacks, to computers, GPS tracking, computerised racking, forklifts and Super B trailers. Technology is constantly evolving, and so is Secon.

Family is an important part of the culture and a key factor in its success. It is thanks to the five boys, Maurie’s sons, who helped build the business that continues today.

Gambling is in the Considine DNA, but this story is about taking calculated risks mixed with self-discipline and a few words of wisdom thrown in for good measure.