Into remission from overwhelming fatigue

Since being diagnosed with post viral syndrome in 1994, Frank has remained moderately to severely affected by this illness. In recent years, he was struggling with a relapse and was experiencing a slow deterioration in his health.

Things changed dramatically in September 2019 when he had a stroke. In a remarkable turn of events, he defied medical expectations and a seemingly miraculous return to robust health resulted.

CFS is a debilitating illness that not only affects the patient, but also family and friends. Therefore, Frank’s son Nick has included his thoughts on what it is like to live with a father who has this invisible chronic illness.

This book is the result of over two decades of personal experiences and research into chronic fatigue/pain disorders. These are a range of controversial illnesses commonly referred to as: post viral syndrome (PVS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID) and fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).