If we should ever meet again

The poetry in Richard Trembath’s If We Should Ever Meet Again cannot be described as modern or classical but where its difference lies is that it will appeal to and be understood by the common man.

This collection is wide-ranging and explores life, love, philosophy and much more, as did his two previous volumes of poetry and short stories. 

The stories provide a contrast in that some are fiction, some are based on true life events and some are drawn from Trembath’s forty years as a newspaper journalist.

Readers will be able to identify with many of the sentiments expressed, which cover a wide range of examples of the human condition, from deep emotion through to humour.

Several of Trembath’s stories have won awards for literary excellence while his poetry has had wide exposure on radio and television and in the print media.

If We Should Ever Meet Again differs from most collections of verse. Its straightforward approach to life as we all know it justifies it being classified as