Hidden Hospital Hazards

‘Touch-to-know’ capability has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. From searching for the nearest petrol station, or finding the best route to take for a meeting, you probably touch your smart phone before acting on your impulse.

Yet this capability hasn’t reached hospitals to assist clinicians perform critical tasks more easily.

Tracking and tracing the thousands of medical items used for patient care is humanly impossible without touch-to-know capability. If used in hospitals it  has the power to help busy clinicians and nurses and affect the hospital supply chain by changing behaviour, increasing patient safety and improving hospital margins.

Len Kennedy is a logistics and procurement expert who has worked with small businesses and large multinational organisations to enhance efficiencies. As founder and CEO of Touch to Know a recent startup he hopes to reduce hospital errors and improve hospital margins.

In the Hidden Hospital Hazards: Saving Lives and Improving Margins, the first of a series of books about how the supply chain can be used to proactively reduce waste, lower costs and support high-quality patient care. Len explores how technology can transform the hospital environment to assist clinicians and nurses perform their tasks more easily than ever before.